Comment Policy

The Epicusweb blog has a comment system to encourage readers to clarify their respective doubts about the topics covered and also to create a more democratic environment for everyone to expose themselves.

To participate in Epicusweb it is necessary to follow the rules of conduct that we have created so that there is a good environment for everyone.

Commentator is prohibited

Send spam and advertising comments;

Impersonate another person, company or institution;

Publish pornographic, racist, discriminatory or offensive material of any nature against people, companies or institutions;

Publish material that encourages pedophilia and/or exploitation of minors;

Publish information about illegal activities and incite crimes;

Publish several comments in a row with the aim of appearing on the list of most frequent commentators;

Post reviews with affiliate program links;

Publish comments that do not concern the subject portrayed in the article or content viewed (off topic);

Publish comments empty of arguments, with the sole purpose of engaging in discussion distorted for the purpose of doubt or intellectual;

Use the comment system to engage in commercial activities;

Engage in any activity prohibited by law;

Engage in religious preaching;

Reproduce in full news published in other media.

Commentator is allowed

Ask your questions about the content covered;

Express your opinion, as long as it does not go against the list of prohibited factors mentioned above;

Contribute to the growth of the site.


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